Sanisplit 3 Macerator

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Can only be used in conjunction with 1 toilet and 2 more inlets Function: A Sanisplit macerator is a unit designed to remove clean or grey water from showers, basins, toilets, washing machines, bidets and dishwashers. The Sanisplit has a built in macerator with a powerful 600 watt motor that can lift waste water up to 11 meters vertically and 33 meters horizontally. Servicing Advantages: The patented technology cleverly allows for the simple servicing of the macerator when blocked by an object other than clean or grey water, by opening a connecting screw and splitting the macerator in two halves without the need of tools. The plumbing remains untouched, the blockage can be removed, or a whole new motor replaced. The two halves are reconnected and the connecting screw re tightened by hand. Uses: Consumers who want to add a complete bathroom or simply any wet room facility at home or in a light commercial environment, where the gravity flow does not allow for any discharge of waste water into the main sewage line or where breaking out concrete is not an alternative. Ideal for situations in basements, attic conversions, en-suite bathrooms, garage conversions, mobile homes etc. Max flow rate: 277 Litres per min Power: Single Phase 220 – 240V Pipe Discharge Size: 32 – 40mm Maximum Operating Temperature: 100oC WC Inlet: 1 Other Inlets: 2 Outet: 1 Weight (kg): 10 Dimensions mm: (H)270 x (W)450 x (D)175 Uses: Domestic and Light