E-Cloth Yellow Dusting Cloth

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  • Effective — With the E-Cloth Dusting Cloth Two-Pack, you'll have dry dusting and damp cleaning down — and always have a spare ready to go. Used dry, each cloth attracts and traps dust, pollen, cobwebs, and other debris, removing it from wood, glass, granite, leather, and more. Dampen with water to easily remove grease and grime from hard surfaces
  • Easy — Our two-sided cloths have specific jobs to do. On one side, extralong polyester fibres trap debris. On the other, a tight weave makes it easy fold the cloth into a pad for damp cleaning. Just rinse after use, and toss in the laundry to refresh
  • Environmental — Unlike ordinary dusters that simply push around dust, mites, and pollen, our cloths trap them once and for all, leaving fewer pesky particles to irritate eyes and noses