Trac Port-O-Flush Jr - 1-20 Gallons Flushing Unit - 230V

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Port-O-Flush Jr.™ is the smallest flushing unit available on the market today. A powerful tool packaged into a five-gallon bucket, Port-O-Flush Jr.™ provides portability and versatility while still efficiently handling small to medium size engines, heat exchangers, and air conditioning & refrigeration systems.
Designed with the do-it-yourself boat owner in mind, TRAC’s Port-O-Flush Jr.™ is extremely simple to use. Tasks which normally cost you days of down time can now be confidently performed within an afternoon.
Use Port-O-Flush Jr. To Cure:
  • Engine Overheating
  • Clogged Pipes
  • Poor Heat Transfer on Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Systems
  • Small Parts Cleaning

The Port-O-Flush Jr.® has been engineered for use with TRAC’s line of environmentally friendly products. Careful attention has been given to ensure safe operation, protecting not only yourself but the equipment as well.