Trac T-Greaser 1g

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A POWERFUL, MULTI-PURPOSE, BUTYL-FREE CLEANER/DEGREASER™ is a safe, pleasant smelling multi-purpose cleaner. Spray it on and watch the toughest soil dissolve before your eyes. T-Greaser® uses a scientific formula which couples an emulsion cleaner with organic solvents and gives unequaled power at any dilution.
Super Concentrated: T-Greaser’s concentrated formula allows you to adjust the dilution ratio as needed for the job at hand. It is gentle enough for light and everyday cleaning yet powerful enough for heavy duty degreasing. Because it contains natural ingredients, T-Greaser® is safe for the environment.
As with all of Trac Ecological’s products, T-Greaser™ was formulated with the environment first. This safer, powerful, butyl-free degreaser contains the newest in research and developments in “natural-extract” biodegradable solvents, alkaline builders, emulsifiers, and cleaning boosters.